We achieve your intended outcomes through effective communication inside your organization.

Strategy & Research

It all starts with a good strategy. We can help you develop a strategy that recognizes both the informal and formal cascade of information within your organization and how you will manage and influence both. We partner with our clients to:

  • Identify target audiences and their needs
  • Understand key stakeholders opinions and preferences
  • Define and refine key messages
  • Develop the communication plan, including objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Select, implement and manage communication channels
  • Monitor outcomes and measure results

Every day, you can count on us to provide thoughtful advice on best practices for effective employee communication. We will challenge you to make the most of your investment with new ways of thinking and innovative approaches.


Content Development

Effective communication is not just determined by well-written words, grammatically-correct sentences or a fancy website. Effective communication means:

  • Having a well-thought-out plan of action and strategy, that supports your mission and goals
  • Grabbing employees’ attention through all the noise
  • Sending clear, consistent messages that convey the facts in a way that resonates with employees
  • Articulating the business rationale for what is happening and why
  • Providing tools to help leaders effectively sponsor and support the changes with their employees

We can help you develop content that will do just that.

Creative Development

Creativity. Everyone believes in it; everyone says they have it but to us creativity is about taking risks, challenging assumptions, fostering curiosity and welcoming the challenges and adversity that fosters innovation. Whether it’s a simple naming convention to grab employees' attention for your new program or a comprehensive branding campaign to distinguish your employment experience – we love to make a mark that uniquely represents your business and stands out to your employees.

Project Management You have a great strategy. The project plan is in place. Then, why hasn’t anything happened? Why haven’t employee behaviors changed? Throughout our years in communication consulting, we have seen successful planning and implementation of communication strategies fall apart for one reason: lack of execution. We will help you achieve your intended outcomes with a relentless focus on execution. Not only will we help you develop and refine your approach but we will carefully manage its execution to ensure we, as a team, do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.
Brand Positioning How you market yourself to your employees and prospective employees is just as important as your external brand. We can help you define an authentic value proposition for your employment experience. We’ll take time to get to know your organization and your employees and what makes you unique. We’ll help you make it real and relevant by aligning your value proposition with your actual policies, practices, programs and culture.

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